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Bleisure is the fusion of business and leisure. This new trend is currently conquering Germany and is revealing itself in a wide variety of facets. Enjoy your breaks or evening in a relaxed atmosphere after an intensive period of work, add a holiday weekend onto a working week, or feel like you’re on holiday while on a business trip – that’s all part of bleisure travel. Employers and employees alike benefit from this, since relaxed and satisfied employees can achieve more and stay with the company for longer.

Have you ever thought of making something more out of a business trip? Don’t stay in a soulless city hotel in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg – instead relax and recover from your appointments and conferences in the natural haven of Brombachsee. Here, you will quickly find new ideas and inspiration, and your stay will become an unforgettable experience.

  • Only 150 km from Munich and about 50 km from Nuremberg
  • Transfers can be booked to the airport, to the main train station or to your company
  • Good internet connection and infrastructure