Economic aspects

Spending by tourists strengthens the power of the regional economy in Franconia

Regional suppliers in the supply chain, short transport routes, and strengthening of the regional economy

Employees are generally paid above the minimum wage

As a family business, within just a very short time, jobs have been created where only regional workers are employe

Employment of asylum seekers on identical overall terms (salary, annual leave, etc.) and with professional support, language courses and further training

Ecological aspects

In general, tourism contributes to global changes, such as climate change or resource depletion, and is affected by them at the same time. As a sustainable company, Eco Lodges has committed to using natural resources responsibly for the benefit of our environment. Eco Lodges is able to boast the following factors for the Brombachsee Floating Village as part of its voluntary sustainability offensive:

The Floating Village concept is a conscious alternative to mass tourism that makes a voluntary contribution and offers added value

Central location for the DACH region, meaning short distances and car transport with several people

No soil sealing (floating houses), which means a smaller ecological footprint

The wood for the facades of the houses was processed according to the “ThermoWood®” process using European woods (tropical wood properties)

Built according to German energy saving regulations, with a waste separation system on the water (!)

Electric drive on land and water: golf cart and boat shuttle, eScooters

Pick-up and delivery service by golf cart from/to the train station

Feeding-in of green electricity; Eco Lodges uses exclusively ecological cleaning and disinfection products

All travel documents and information to guests are only sent digitally

Only “Eco by Green Culture” hair and body care products are used in the Floating Village. This hotel cosmetics manufacturer was the first in Germany to receive the EU eco-label for particularly environmentally friendly products (97% biodegradable, packaging made from 100% recycled PET)

Emotional holiday experience on the lake, in nature

Sustainable wines and other sustainable offerse

Social aspects

Eco Lodges attaches great importance to equality and tolerance

Guests are to achieve a sustainable holiday experience, while the “locals”, for their part, attain satisfaction with the sustainable way tourism is operated

We do not tolerate negative social impacts of any kind, such as, the exploitation of employee labour or discrimination against the local population

We ensure an authentic holiday experience for getting to know nature, the country, the culture and people

The region benefits from tourism, which means that the economic contribution is also a social one

Guests are informed about regional events in the digital concierge system on a weekly basis

Regional excursions are offered so that guests can get an unadulterated view of the regional culture, tradition and identity

Our sustainability concept promotes a positive influence and power of attraction